Finnish roundwood sales in October

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Purchases of logs used as raw material for sawn timber and plywood have increased the most this year. Purchases of pine logs have increased by over 70% from the corresponding period in 2006. Purchases of spruce and birch logs are up by 45% and pulpwood purchases by almost 40% from the previous year. Standing sales accounted for 87% of purchases.

Compared to October 2006, stumpage prices have increased by over 30% for pine and spruce logs, by 10% for birch logs, 8% for spruce pulpwood and around 20% for pine and birch pulpwood. The rise in stumpage prices evened after peaking in summer months in June-August. In October, average stumpage prices were €68/m3 for pine logs, €69/m3 for spruce logs and €48/m3 for birch logs. The average stumpage price was €16-17/m3 for pine and birch pulpwood and €24/m3 for spruce pulpwood.  

Finnish Forest Industries Federation will publish its roundwood sales data monthly, after the tenth of each month in its newsletter.

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