Effectiveness of wood products industry delivery chain to be enhanced through electronic solutions

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“Effective e-business operations are not possible without standardisation. As part of the forest-based sector’s papiNet family of standards, the shared WoodX standard enables data collection across the entire processing chain, from the forest to the customer. The customer can avail of the same electronic information as the manufacturer. Information systems associated with products and sales can easily communicate with one another when their information content is in a standardised form,” says Business IT Specialist Timo Koljonen of the Metsäliitto Cooperative.

“The utilisation of a standard that is shared by the entire value chain of the wood products industry creates clear cost savings because it reduces the amount of unnecessary and overlapping manual work related to the buying and selling of wood products. Ports also gain major benefits from the utilisation of a shared standard,” says ICT expert Jaana Mustonen from sawn timber manufacturer and processor Pölkky Oy.

Electronic business speeds up processes and increases their efficiency

The most typical advantages a company gains from electronic business operations are time and money savings, more effective processes and improved customer service quality.

Electronic data transmission speeds up and boosts the efficiency of communications between partners, cuts down on the need of manual work and reduces errors as well as simplifies processes.

In this conjunction, e-business refers to electronic data transmissions and information processing. Data can be transferred between information systems belonging to partner companies or separate systems within a single company, to an Internet service or e-document, or from a physical product to an information system. E-documents are easy to print and can be used on, for example, Excel.

Within the forest industry, the most typical data transfers involve business transaction documents such as invoices, contracts, package specifications loading instructions or waybill.

Further information: Standardisation Manager Paula Pesonen, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 9 132 6653, firstname.lastname@forestindustries.fi.