Climate change and the financial crisis the central issues of Sweden’s EU presidency

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From the perspective of the Finnish forest industry, key issues during Sweden’s EU Presidency will be:

  • Responding to climate change by taking advantage of the opportunities and competitive advantages that the forest industry offers 
  • Developing an eco-efficient energy policy by supporting the availability of energy and the energy solutions developed by the forest industry 
  • Acknowledging the forest industry’s pioneering role in sustainable development and the bioeconomy as part of an eco-efficient economy and a low-carbon society in the EU 
  • Ensuring the free movement of forest industry products and factors of production in the EU’s internal market  
  • Securing substantial funding for research and innovation activities, such as the launching of investments to develop commercial-scale biorefineries

Sweden holds the EU Presidency 1 July – 31 December 2009.

More information: Riku Eksymä