Accidents at work halve in the paper industry over five years

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Occupational safety has improved significantly in the forest industry over the past few years. The frequency of accidents at work in the paper industry has reduced from just under 30 to less than 14 per million hours worked over the last five years. 

Occupational safety has likewise developed positively in the wood products industry and the frequency of accidents has reduced over the last four years. 

Zero accident goal


The forest industry has focused special attention on identifying occupational safety risks and preventing their realisation. Factors, which can lead to a dangerous situation, are removed and any accidents at work that occur are analysed in detail. The goal is for no accidents to take place.

“Numerous projects are ongoing at forest industry corporations that will improve occupational safety and wellbeing systematically over the long term,” says Mikko Lehtonen, Collective Bargaining Manager at the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.  


“One factor behind the fall in workplace accidents is the improved safety culture. The effort to boost occupational safety stems from each employee and it is an aspect of every employee’s work,” Lehtonen continues.

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Mikko Lehtonen, Collective Bargaining Manager, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, tel. +358 9 132 4477, +358 40 334 6585