Aalto University’s globally unique bioproducts technology degree programme

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The new bioproducts technology degree, which replaces the older degree programme in forest products technology, is unique on the global scale.


“An engineer who graduates with a Master’s in bioproducts technology will possess the abilities needed in the development of new kinds of products by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by renewable materials, i.e. wood and other biomass,” says the programme’s coordinator Pia Lahti of the Aalto University’s School of Science and Technology.


"Sustainable development is at the very core of bioproducts technology. This degree programme fosters competence, which will be essential in the future and provides graduates with good prospects in a field where demand is set to grow wildly. In other words, in addition to being at the forefront of sustainable development, this degree programme can itself also withstand the pressures of an evolving world.”


The bioproducts technology degree programme focuses on understanding and developing the sustainable utilisation of renewable natural resources. Fundamental sciences, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biochemistry, will be exploited within the framework of environmental and bioproducts technology.


The major subjects students can focus on are biorefineries, development of new products, fibre products technology and management of environmental affairs. 


A total of 40 students will be selected this year for the degree programme, which commences in autumn 2010.


A new breed of professional to develop and expand the forest industry of Finland


Other universities and educational institutions have also modernised their teaching and degrees to better correspond with the competence needs of the future.


The basic vocational degrees for the paper, sawmill, panel products and chemicals industries have been replaced with the new degree for the processing industries. Twenty secondary-level vocational institutions around Finland are now focusing on providing education for a new type of processing professional.


More information: Päivi Luoma, Director, Communications