Promoting occupational safety and wellbeing at work are forest industry priorities

Ensuring well being at work is a central component of forest companies’ responsible operations. Special focus is put on preventing occupational accidents and on maintaining working capacity.

In recent years, the forest industry has focused on reducing the number of occupational accidents and days of sick leave. The number of occupational accidents has significantly declined while the continuous development of occupational safety is reflected in a strengthened occupational safety culture. Identifying and preventing occupational safety risks is at the heart of all operations.

The industry has taken a preventative approach to reducing sick leave. In order to lower the number of occupational accidents, it is essential that the causes of each accident are carefully examined and that all factors that may possibly lead to dangerous situations are eradicated.

Good practices shared

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation supports its member companies in developing wellbeing at work and promotes the exchange of information between companies regarding wellbeing at work and occupational safety issues. For these functions, the Finnish Forest Industries Federation has a committee for wellbeing at work and occupational safety that is made up of representatives from member companies and the Federation. In the committee, members share best practices and experiences regarding the promotion of wellbeing at work and occupational safety.

Wellbeing at work is also developed in co-operation with labour unions. The Federation engages in regular collaboration with paper industry, wood products industry and forest industry sectorial committees that are under the Centre for Occupational Safety. Furthermore, the Federation works with the European forest industry organisations CEPI and CEI-Bois.