Semi-finals are here!

Seven teams, seven new and inspiring ways to use wood.

Semi-finalists will pitch their ideas in a ‘Shark Tank’ style innovation contest at the PulPaper trade fair on Thursday 31 May at 11.30 am.

The semi-finalists on stage:

  • Barkboard – Ecological fibreboard made of bark.
    Team: Eemeli Laaksonen (Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Wood Technology)
  • Kaarni – Biodegradable plate made from willow bark fibres.
    Team: Eveliina Juuri (Aalto University school of Arts, Design and Architecture), Sanna-Liisa Järvelä (Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering) and Jinze Dou (Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering)
  • Lid Tower – Eco-friendly and hygienic coffee lid dispenser. The only one that touches your take-away lid is you!
    Team: Cuiting Zhang and Henry Autioniemi (Tampere university of applied sciences, Bioproduct and process engineering)
  • Motti – Know Your Wood – a platform that will revolutionize Finnish forest data collection by combining data from multiple sources to a distributed and transparent blockchain ledger.
    Team: Lauri Kouvo (Lappeenranta University of Technology) and Kimmo Penttinen (Lappeenranta University of Technology School of Energy Systems)
  • Relaps – Short circuiting the nutrient cycle by utilizing pulp mill residual streams in food production.
    Team: Milla-Mari Vastavuo (Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering), Mikko Niemeläinen (Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering)
  • Wood Chips – A paperboard material to replace bubble wrap.
    Team: Petteri Kääriä (Tampere University of Technology)
  • Wooden Floor Element – Enables housing adaptability in the changing world.
    Team: Samuli Rinne (Aalto University School of Engineering)

About the contestants:

“The students have come up with inspiring ways to use materials made from different parts of wood. I’m really looking forward to their pitches!” says Maija Itkonen, contest jury chairperson and founder of Gold&Green Foods, a company that created the revolutionary Finnish plant protein food Pulled Oats.

“The contest is a great opportunity for students to show the direction in which innovation will lead Finland in the future. Good luck to all teams!” says jury member Tuomas Mustonen, founder and managing director of Paptic Ltd. Aiming for global success, Paptic has developed an eco-friendly paper material to replace plastics. The product was launched in 2015 at Slush, a major Finnish start-up and tech event.