Basically, there are no rules. You have free hands to create a proposal and present it the way you want. However, your competition entry is required to treat one or more of the megatrends that affect the forest industry.

The idea can be a new product, service, or a new way of working. The contest organizers have the right to communicate about the submissions in media and their social media channels.


Participants are free to choose how they present their submissions. Submissions must be presented in Finnish or English. Be prepared to submit a summary around 1,000 characters about your entry in English. Semi-finalists are invited to pitch their work in English at the PulPaper 2018-event at Expo and Convention Center Helsinki.

Eligible participants

The work can be completed by one student or in groups of 2–3 people. The competition is open to students attending Finnish universities and polytechnics. Also exchange students as well as postgraduates are welcomed. Participants can use advice from school or institute, if this is agreed with your instructor.

Criteria of evaluation

The jury will be paying attention to, for example, the following things:

  • Answer to forest industry megatrends
  • Possible societal impact
  • Creative new approach for forest industry
  • Distinctiveness and clarity of the innovation and business idea
  • Timeliness of the innovation
  • Business and/or market potential

Companies expectations:

  • We are waiting new ideas and new way of looking forest industry
  • “Outside of box” ideas
  • Finnish forest industry needs new talents and ideas
  • Forest industry’s new coming needs young talents and fresh thinking – is it your team that creates next megatrend?