Innovation Contest – Wood U Make It Happen?

Forests are a treasure for the well-being of our entire planet. We’re looking for young masters to create fresh ideas of wood and forest. Now, it’s your turn! Gather your team. Innovate and pitch. Win a prize of 10 000 €. Make it happen! Wood makes it happen.

“Wood U make It happen?” is an innovation contest for students organized by the Finnish Forest Industry Federation – Metsäteollisuus ry and Forest Products Engineers – Puunjalostusinsinöörit ry.

The contest seeks novel ideas for responding to the global megatrends with the help of wood and creating sustainable innovations for forest industry. The idea can be a new product, service or a way of working.

Companies’ expectations:

  • New applications, products or end uses
  • New products/materials from wood biomass
  • Improving material and energy efficiency in production and logistics/supply chain
  • Waste and loss reduction ideas
  • Exploit of side streams
  • Digital solutions and services
  • Biochemistry
  • Construction
  • Old idea > new opportunity

Why enter the contest?

  • Jump start to work life and forest industry
  • Create new contacts
  • Possibility to create something unique
  • Get your idea to next level

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation – Metsäteollisuus ry celebrates their 100th anniversary by providing a platform and a stepping stone to the future masters of the forest.