The Finnish forest industry develops the forest sector in northwest Russia

The Finnish forest industry has been actively developing the forest sector in northwest Russia for almost 20 years now. The total value of investments already exceeds one billion euro.

The Finnish forest industry  has invested totally more than a billion euro in Russia, mostly in northwestern parts. Finnish companies have leased forests, harvesting operations, investments in infrastructure, mills and further processing in Russia. Finnish companies in Russia sell roundwood, sawn wood products and cardboard to the domestic market.  In addition, roundwood, sawn wood products, plywood and pellets are exported.

The companies employ hundreds of Russians directly and thousands more indirectly. The Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s member companies have a plywood mill, three sawmills and three cardboard mills in Russia.

Finnish forest industry companies actively develop Russia’s forest sector. The forest industry communicates with stakeholders and the authorities. The objective is to make the operating environment more stable and predictable.

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Manager, Russian Affairs

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