Energy and the climate

The development of the forest industry requires a globally fair climate policy that does not weaken the sector’s competitiveness. As much as two thirds of Finland’s renewable energy is tied to the forest industry and the sector is continually developing its energy efficiency. Wood-based products are climate friendly and advance the bioeconomy.

Sustainability of wood biomass used in bioenergy production

At the end of 2016, the European Commission published the so-called “Winter Package,” which includes a proposal for a renewable energy directive. So that the production of bio-based energy would proceed in a sustainable manner, the Commission proposes the expansion of sustainability criteria to cover not only liquid biofuels but also the production of electricity and heat from solid and gaseous biofuels. The Finnish forest industry considers it important that sustainable forest management be viewed comprehensively and it emphasises that existing, legally-binding and voluntary instruments be fully utilised in demonstrating the sustainability of wood-based biomass.