Finnish Forest Industries Federation organisation


Board / Executive Board

Director General Timo Jaatinen

Investment Committee

Working life

Jukka Sarhimaa

  • Labour Market Committee
  • Collective bargaining, paper industry
  • Collective bargaining, wood products industry and joinery industry
  • Collective bargaining, forestry experts and forestry workers
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Education and Skills Committee

Economy, Innovations, Trade Policy

Maarit Lindström

  • Economic Committee
  • Trade Policy Committee
  • Subcommittee for Imports of Wood
  • Research and Technology Committee


Karoliina Niemi

  • Forest Committee
  • Subcommittee for Land Use Policy
  • Subcommittee for Sawmilling

Logistics, Environment, Energy

Jyrki Peisa

  • Logistics Committee
  • Energy Committee
  • Subcommittee for Emissions Trading
  • Subcommittee for Energy Efficiency

Environment Committee

  • Subcommittee for Forest Environment
  • Subcommittee for Mill Environment
  • Subcommittee for BAT

Communications Mika Mäkinen

Administration services Anne Hela-Ellonen