About us

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation is the lobbying organisation for forest industry companies in Finland. It promotes the forest industry’s competitiveness and profitability by strengthening the industry’s operating conditions and positive image both in Finland and abroad.

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s goal is to ensure that Finland offers a competitive and innovative operating environment for forest industry production, employment, and investments.

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s objective is to improve the sector’s cost competitiveness and to strengthen the industry’s prerequisites for success.

The success of the forest industry is important for Finland, as forest industry products account for about a fifth of Finland’s exports. The sector is also a significant employer. The forest industry employs about 42,000 people directly and about 140,000 Finns indirectly.

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation is made up of 77 member companies that operate in the pulp, paper, paperboard, and packaging industries as well as in the wood products industry. Member companies in the wood products sector include industrial sawmills, wood-based panels companies, as well as manufacturers of carpentry products and companies in the wood construction sector.

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation represents Finland’s entire pulp, paper, and paperboard industry as well as about 65 per cent of the wood products industry.